lunes, 31 de agosto de 2015

Now in english

I'm thinking about to start to write in the blog in english, like other known blogs like Javier at War, El Rincón de Slorm, El Soldado Tranquilo and Hetairoi Wargames.

Now HoryMiniaturas in english!

The idea is to write the text in spanish and translate it to english in the same post, but perhaps the longest posts will continue writing in spanish, and perhaps the shortest ones can be write only in english. I don't wanna to be to tied to any rules in my own blog.

The first reason, to improve my poor english write skills, helped by Google Translator, of course. I never was very fluent in my english, but this can be a opportunity to practice my write skills.

And the second, increase my visitors reaching more people in the world. Other thing is that the blog could offer a interesting stuff to the net-surfers.

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  1. Respuestas
    1. ¡Espera, que miro en internet lo que me has dicho!

    2. Según la Wikipedia ( soy un tipo rarito al margen de la sociedad... jajaja ¡gracias!

    3. Iba sin mala intención, que conste. Apoyo la iniciativa, pero si no la suelto, reviento.


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