martes, 1 de septiembre de 2015

Playing with OGRE

In a previous post I'd writing about a few 6 mm scale miniatures for the Steve Jackson's game O.G.R.E.

I painted a few ones, mainly tanks, missile launcher, GEVs (fast armed gravitatory vehicles) and infantry, but It will be displayed in future posts..

With all the miniatures in the hands of my friend, he offered show me the game. He played it a lot in past years, in different editions, but in this time we used the big board of the last edition and the pewter painted miniatures.

The Steve Jackson game

We used the intro scenario, with the huge OGRE trying to destroy the enemy Command Post and exit of the board, while the other with different tanks and infantry try to stop it.

The rules are easy to learn and fast to play. The attacks can be combined to sum the points of the attack, and this final number is compared with the target defense. This give us a column to attack (the classic wargame combat result table), launch a dice and apply the result.

The defenders must to select if focus the attacks in the tracked, getting to slow down the huge OGRE and delaying the attack to the Command Post, or target the weapons of the OGRE, trying to get disarm the giant mechanical mole.

In our game, I choose to play with the OGRE because I thought that the use of the different troops would be a bit difficult to me, since that I didn't play it. The tanks couldn't destroy my weapons because bad dice rolls, and I could destroy many of the enemies.

A blurry picture taken with mobile
We leave the game when we make sure that the Command Post couldn't be saved and the OGRE couldn't be stopped, at six or seven hexagons of the target.

Not a bad game, but I think that the game will shine with more elaborated scenarios.

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